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The solution to the plastic problem is here,
and it’s refillable aluminum!

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The Infinity Bottle

Keep it and refill it. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and the bottle is designed to display.

About Aluminium

Stop Shipping Water

Why are companies still shipping water? We’re sending you just the part you need - the solution!

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Keep Cleaning Simple

Our eco-friendly cleaning solution is effective and efficient. Save time and money with each refill.

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Were making it the right way

Good for you and good for the environment, our cleaning solution ticks all the right boxes.

Infinitely Recyclable
A Superior Clean
Animal Friendly
Wallet Friendly

The Infinity Box

Four products sent to your door with three months worth refills
An Infinity Box is your solution to enhancing your cleaning experience. These aren’t bottles to be hidden away in a cupboard, we want you to proudly display them in your kitchens, bathrooms and laundry. After all, you are a part of a meaningful revolution to cut eliminate plastic - who doesn’t want those bragging rights?
Stop Using Plastic, It’s All About Aluminum.
Because it’s Infinitely Recyclable and requires less energy to recycle. (Our competitors don’t use it because it costs more!)
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We’re here for the overhaul...

(and the long haul)

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